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Frynkek Dornow

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Walnut Serving Tray - Frynkek is the Cornish word for Walnut and Dornow means Handle

Walnut trees are not common in Cornwall and to have a mature Walnut fall in a storm less than a mile from my workshop makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with genuinely sustainable Cornish grown Walnut.

I have been developing the skills over the last few months to create the bent handles for these trays. Firstly it is most important to find the correct materials, only fast grown Ash has the flexibility to create such tight curves and there were many lessons to learn while I perfected the technique.

The handle is secured with carved Brown Oak trunnels that can be removed for cleaning.

The tray surface has been carved with a ripple texture

Measurements are 7" / 18cm diameter, 6" / 15cm tall

Finished with Hassui, a Japanese liquid ceramic coating this tray is suitable for daily use.