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Frynkek Drinking Vessel

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Image of Frynkek Drinking Vessel
  • Image of Frynkek Drinking Vessel

Walnut Drinking Vessel - Frynkek is the Cornish word for Walnut.

Walnut trees are not common in Cornwall and to have a mature Walnut fall in a storm less than a mile from my workshop makes this a once in a lifetime opportunity to work with genuinely sustainable Cornish grown Walnut.

These vessels are end-grain turned giving the slender side walls a surprising strength.

Measurements are nearly 4" / 10cm tall and just under 3.5" / 9cm at the widest point.

They hold approximately 400ml

Differences in density between the dark heartwood and lighter sapwood have caused some beautiful warping into organic forms during the drying process.

Sealed with Hassui, a Japanese 'liquid ceramic' finish, these vessels are suitable for both hot and cold liquids.