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Tintagel Plate

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Image of Tintagel Plate
  • Image of Tintagel Plate
  • Image of Tintagel Plate
  • Image of Tintagel Plate

A design woven with ancient tales of mariners plying the seas with sails, from the Mediterranean their distant destination a rock jutting into the Atlantic ocean.

Tintagel has been a place to trade exotic goods for the Cornish staples Tin, Copper and salted fish since at least the 5th century, long before the compass and sextant were invented to plot a course from A to B.
In these times celestial bodies in the skies were gazed upon with wise eyes and used to navigate the high seas.

The copper leaf streaks on the Tintagel plate represent the stars rotation around Polaris, The North Star. The blues represent the sea they sailed upon while travelling the world in search of Cornish Tin and Copper.

This design came about as part of a collaboration with James Strawbridge and English Heritage to help bring to life archaeological research into Tintagel's past.

approximately 12"/30cm diameter.
Made from Beech from the Lanhydrock estate in Cornwall.
Milk paint and Copper Leaf finished with a food safe hardwax oil.